KFJ 1 – The Journey: When and Where was the Beginning

The intention is to share experiences connected to life’s journey. Each of us is on the path of discovery, who we are, where we are going, and our purpose? I will share stories, quotes, and music illustrating my faith journey in this podcast. What is your faith journey?

I share personal experiences from growing up in Poland and coming to America in this podcast.

I talk about my faith and the influence of God.

I am sharing the story of my father coming to Poland from Belarus and believing in liberty and freedom, which he didn’t experience during communism. His imprisonment because he would voice his opinion concerning truth.

I share about my mother, who taught me about faith, her decision to keep me instead of aborting me.


Lyrics & Music

In closing, I play one of my songs in Polish, “Droga Jezusa” (Path of Jesus)

The translation is

Lord! I am happy because I know I am alive.
Lord! I am whispering.
My heart is filled with Love.
What would happen without Thee? What would I be like?
I don’t want to know, don’t tell me.

Lord! Thou Path is at times uneasy,
It leaves sufferings behind.
Lord! I started my life over.
Thou are the Path to Salvation.
Thank Thee from my heart for Love, Faith, and Hope.
I am thankful for all my days.

Father! My life is a test,
I have a mission to fulfill.
Father! I am lost in the world,
Thou Plan is beautiful.

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