KFJ 2 – The Journey: Mothers & Motherhood

Today, my message is centered on the journey of being a mother and motherhood. May is a month in which we think of mothers; I am giving a tribute to my mother. Additionally, I share my faith experiences being a mother myself.

Motherhood is one of the steps in my faith journey. This episode is about that journey, and how my mother’s faith influenced me. I still need to rely on Heavenly Father’s guidance.

I believe we all lived a pre-mortal life before receiving our bodies. I didn’t grow up knowing this concept, but it made sense when the missionaries introduced me to this enlightening principle. I want to share three experiences that testify to the truth of faith to follow the impressions.

Since I started my family later in life, I thought I would not have more children. I was content with having a boy and a girl. Yet, one day while I was putting my children in the car, I received an impression that another child of mine was nearby. I was amazed by that thought. I didn’t have three children, but the feeling was profound. A few days later, I found out that I was expecting a baby. And around Christmas that year, we welcomed a little boy.

The second incident happened about two years later. While sitting in our temple watching one of the ordinances, I felt that another child was waiting to come to our family. A few months later, our second daughter was born. By this time, I was in my late thirties, so I didn’t anticipate having more children. But apparently, my family was not complete. As I ponder that period in my life, I recognize God’s hand in all, even during a complicated miscarriage that I experienced. Finally, I delivered my last baby, a little boy, four years later.

Throughout years of motherhood, I have learned that children don’t come with a manual. Yet, with the help of Heavenly Father, I was able to nurture each child in their own way.


“The moment a child is born, a mother is also born. The woman existed, but the mother – never. A mother is something absolutely new.”

Polish writer Zofia Kossak-Szczucka
“Matka, jak Pan Bóg, może kochać wszystkie swe dzieci, każde z osobna i każde najwięcej.”

To translate, it means (A mother, like God, can love all her children, each one individually and each of them the most).

The quotes used are from Rajneesh

Lyrics & Music

I will share a piece of music that I composed for my oldest son, titled “Julianka Kołysanka” (Julian’s lullaby).

In this recording, he is playing with his sister. Each of my children has a personal composition of music that I wrote and dedicated. Just as they are individual, each piece has a unique character.
Sheet Music

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