KFJ 4 – The Journey: Coming to Christ

Today I will do something different from what I have done before. I will present my message in English and a short part in Polish; that way, some of my friends and family members can easily understand it.
The fundamental concept of my message is centered on a particular trial that happened not long after I joined the church. And how the words “Bless are those who endure” brought a deeper meaning. Because of the challenge I experienced, I have knowledge that God knows and leads me through every step I take. It took me some time to identify his guiding hand while following the commandments and being committed to the covenant I made with Him. Now I am more in tune with the Spirit of God and can discern the influence.


The quotes used are from:

“In the Book of Mormon, there are words of king Mosiah (23:21-22) who had a significant impact on me. After going through a difficult trial of learning of my brother’s passing, I read these words:” “ Nevertheless the Lord seeth fit to chasten his people; yea, he trieth their patience and their faith. …whosoever putteth his trust in him the same shall be lifted up at the last day.”

As I share this story, a short statement by Philip Yancey (Jensy) comes to mind.

“Endurance is not just the ability to bear a hard thing but to turn it into glory.”

– Philip Yancey

“To learn strong faith is to endure great trials. I have learned my faith by standing firm amid severe testings.”

George Mueller”

Lyrics & Music

I am closing with a song titled “Blogoslawieni”.

The title of the song, when translated to English, is “Blessed are those that endure.”
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